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And the defriending of LJ user mannequin_heart begins.

Things I hate:

image: i hate coolers
Coolers. People who try to get drunk off this shit lose at life.

image: i hate smart cars
Smart cars. Go back to reading NOW magazine and wearing hemp clothes, asshole. I especially hate the ones that say "IAMSMART" or whatever on the license plate. Die.

image: i hate now magazine
NOW magazine. I don't think any more needs to be said.

image: i hate hippies
Hippies. The only cool hippie is Jesus Hippie, who I see pretty much every time I go to Kensington now.

Things I love:

image: i love stolichnaya
Stolichnaya Russian vodka. The best way to drink this is obviously straight from the fucking bottle. An extremely Russian thing to do.

image: i love velociraptors
Velociraptors. These dinosaurs are jerks, and therefore awesome.

image: i love inugami circus-dan
Inugami Circus-dan. They have a song about a pregnant woman who burns down houses, which is clearly the way music should be. Also, notice how the band members dress in a combination of braided epaulets, horns, and some sort of weird mohawk thing.

image: i love kazuo kiriyama
Kazuo Kiriyama. Aka the most badass fictional character I've ever seen. Except for Alucard, who is about 100x more badass, mainly because he's a vampire. I'm not sure who is more badass: the movie character who kills for fun and is totally hot, or the manga/book character who is, for a very poorly-explained reason, incapable of feeling emotion and therefore just kills because he feels like it. But movie Kiriyama is hotter so I might just go with him.
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